Jacksonville Community Church
Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday School
 Nursery Care
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1869 Trumansburg Rd.  
607 387-6296

Sunday Worship Service
at 10 o'clock


The Ministers
The Congregation
Pastoral Staff
Nelson Reppert (607) 592-9166
Organist/Choir Director
Jean Geuder
Handbell Choir Director
Joan Reppert
Joyful Noise Children’s Choir
Eileen Jacobs & Joan Reppert
Christian Education
Sarah Brainard
Church Secretary
Emily Virkler 

Sunday, Jan. 4 10:00 am Worship & Sunday School - Rev. Dr. John Kotun, preaching
Wednesday, Jan. 7 7:00 pm Staff Parish Relations Committee in the Hearth Room
Thursday, Jan. 8 NO UMW THIS MONTH
Sunday, Jan. 11 10:00 am Worship & Sunday School
Monday, Jan. 12 7:00 pm Ad Board in Hearth Room
Sunday, Jan. 18 10:00 am Worship & Sunday School
Sunday, Jan. 25 10:00 am Worship & Sunday School
Adult Choir Rehearsal - 7:30 in Hearth Room
Jacksonville Jinglers Bell Choir Rehearsal - 6:30 in Bell Room
Beginning in September 2014 , we have been having a "Food Pantry Sunday”. We have asked eachparishioner to bring a specific item each month. We had hoped to reach 50 "extra" items per month. And as you can tell from this picture, we have not stopped bringing in regular donations to the food pantry and that's a good thing! Food Pantry Sunday is the last Sunday of each month.
September...Box of tissues, we collected 42. Not bad for the first month of a new idea.
October ....Canned soups, we donated 133 cans of soup to the food pantry
November...Tomato Sauce, we brought in 51 jars and cans of pasta sauce of
all kinds.
December....Canned Vegetables, our best month so far, we shared 159 cans of
January.....Box of pasta.....Let's see what we can do with this one!
February...Peanut butter and jelly...Keep your eyes open for sales and
March.....Canned tuna...or any other canned protein
April.....Baked Beans
May.....Rolls of toilet paper
June......Box of cereal
July.....Plastic bottle of juice  
After over eight years as chair of the trustees, I am stepping down (as chair), and Libby
Foust is taking up the reins. Libby joined the trustees a year ago and has been an
extremely valuable asset. Also, I would like to express my appreciation to Don Shardlow
for his contributions over the years and his dependable competence as secretary, as he is
retiring from the trustees. In addition, I would like to welcome Nelson Allen as a new
acting trustee (pending confirmation) this year.
The following trustees will continue to serve our church and contribute their time and
talents, and I would like to thank them for their commitment and dedication:
Hayden Brainard
Carl Butterfield
Lorna Close
Terry Cole
Steve Jackson
Dennis Mekeel
Please continue to contact Roger McOmber for questions regarding reserving church
space for special events.           

The following information is from the Trumansburg Free Press
Don't Go Hungry
Friendship Donations Network provides produce, breads, desserts, dairy, deli, and groceries (if available) to the programs listed below. For a complete listing of food pantries and community meals in Tompkins County, please visit: hsctc.org/food. Updated December 15, 2014.  
Monday - Friday:
▪ Loaves and Fishes. Free daily meals. All are welcome. No income guidelines. St. John’s Church, 210 N. Cayuga St., Ithaca; Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12 p.m.;Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30 pm.
▪ Food is shared with Freedom Village USA and Women's Opportunity Center.
Monday,  01/12 only:
▪ Lansing Food Pantry. The Rink, 1767 E. Shore Dr. ,Lansing, 1:00 - 3:00pm. Second Monday is Mobile Food Pantry, 10-11 a.m. Fourth Monday, regular food pantry, 1-3 p.m.
▪Immaculate Conception Church Food Pantry. 113 N. Geneva St., Ithaca, 1 - 2 p.m. 
▪ Healthy Tuesdays at Groton Public Library, 112 East Cortland St., Groton., 6 p.m.
▪ Bread of Life Food Pantry. 1 Water St., Candor, 3 -5:30 p.m. Closed Dec. 24.
▪ Halsey Valley Helping Hands Pantry. GAR Building, Hamilton Rd, Halsey Valley, 4-4:45 p.m. No Halsey Valley Pantry on the 3rd Thursday. Closed on Christmas. Open on Dec. 24 at 3 p.m.
▪ Food is shared with Community Justice Center/Alternatives to Incarceration, Ithaca Youth Bureau, and Rescue Mission.
▪ Danby Food Pantry, 3rd Thursday only. Danby residents only. Danby Federated Church, 1859 Danby Rd., Danby, 3 -6 p.m.
▪ Interlaken Reformed Church Pantry. 8315 Main Street, Interlaken, 3-6pm.
▪ Food is shared with non-profit programs: Bright Futures Program, Cayuga Addiction and Recovery Services; Dryden O.U.R.S and Y.O.U.R.S.; New Roots Charter School; outreach to low-wage work sites, senior housing and rural families.
▪ Free hot meal served at Salvation Army. 150 N. Albany St, Ithaca. Saturday 12 p.m.;Sunday 3 p.m. (not an FDN program).
▪ 1st Saturday: Catlin First Methodist Church Pantry. 402 Chambers Rd., Horseheads,  2-4 p.m.
▪ 2nd Saturday: Grace Lee Wesleyan Church Pantry. 2075 Chambers Rd., Beaver Dams, 1 p.m.
▪ 3rd Saturday: Linderman Creek Pantry. 201 Cypress Court, Ithaca Community Room, 12-12:30 p.m.
▪ 3rd Saturday: Calvary Baptist Church Pantry. 507 N. Albany St., Ithaca, 12-3 p.m.
▪ 4th Saturday: McLean Community Church Pantry. 50 Church St, McLean, 1:30-2:15 p.m.
Sundays (Alternating Weeks):
▪ West Village Apartments Distribution. (12/14, 12/28) Chestnut St., Ithaca, 2. - 3. p.m. 
▪ Overlook Apartments. (12/14, 12/28) 1263 Trumansburg Rd, Ithaca, Community Room, 12:00 - 12:30 p.m.
▪ Reach Out For Christ Church Pantry. (12/7, 12/21) 318 Johnson Road, Freeville,12:00 - 2:00 p.m.
▪ Distribution to housing communities in downtown Ithaca. (12/7, 12/21).
▪ Limit: 1 pantry per week.
▪ Suggested Monthly Income: 1 person -$1,800; 2 people – $2,100; 3 people – up to $2,300; 4 people – to $2,600
For a complete listing of daily pantries, see:
Founded in 1988 by Sara Pines, MSW, Ph.D., Friendship Donations Network’s mission is to rescue fresh nutritious food from stores and farms that would otherwise be thrown away and redistribute it to neighbors in need. This is accomplished by an extensive network of volunteers who pick up donations of mostly perishable excess and day-old food and deliver them to pantries and programs that serve in excess of 2,100 people weekly. We divert over 500,000 lbs. of good food from the landfill each year!Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/ FriendshipDonations
 As People Who are Open to the Call of Christ
 We Reaffirm Our Mission as a Caring Community,
  Ministering to All, Including Those Who are Sick,
 In Poverty, in Confusion and in Bondage.
 We are Dedicated to Proclaiming the Gospel
 By Word, Deed and Prayer;
 Providing Christian Education for All;
  Opportunity for Fellowship;
  Witness to the Community;
 And Outreach to the World.
  We Seek God's Strength for These Tasks of Love,
 And we are Able, through Christ, to Love
 With the Inspiration and Guidance

Of the Holy Spirit.